Communication Is Vital, Ensure You Are Ready!

Communication is vital in many different situations.  This is why you want to ensure that your radios and other equipment are in working order and that you have fresh and charged polymax batteries at the ready.  Your life and the lives of others may depend on it.

Over the past several months we have been seeing too many people getting lost in camping and hiking adventures.  What they thought would be a short walk in the wood turned out to be a situation where their very survival was at risk.

The main issue is that they didn’t go with any type of communications or GPS tracking devices.  These devices when charged and used correctly can be lifesaving tools not only for those lost but for those looking for them. 

Tip #1 – Always carry a radio

Many people don’t consider carrying a radio with them.  In the age we are in now people rely more on cell phones for their form of communication.  However cell phones don’t have long lasting batteries.  Batteries on a cell phone may only last two or three hours and that is if they are fully charged.  So taking a radio with you will not only ensure that you have a form of communication that is reliable but will be picked up on different frequencies monitored by rescue personnel.

polymax batteries

Tip #2 – Always have a plan

For many people just wondering off on a let’s explore adventure sounds like a good idea.  In some cases it may be okay to take a short trek but in truth it is always good to have a solid plan in place.  One thing that you can do is tell people a lost destination you would travel to or towards in the event you are lost.  This can be a mountain or a river.

Tip #3 – Be Proactive

No matter what it is you are going to do or where you plan to travel, being alert, proactive and ensuring that you have the right tools in working order can mean the difference between survival and an unknown ending.