Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Live Event

When it comes down to creating the perfect atmosphere for your show, concert or other event focusing on the lighting and sound is what will make all the difference.  The craft of sound lights and video stage production fresno ca is more of an art then a science.  Many people believe that just putting out a few lights and mics will make the show.  Even worse, those who dress up their shows with smoke and fancy effects really don’t have the skills needed for a quality production.

When creating the perfect atmosphere for your event the first thing you need to focus on is the size of your venue.  When working in a small venue the tools and techniques used will be totally different than what would be done in a midsized or full arena. 

Second, you want to have an idea of the people who will attend.  Will they be close to the main stage or will they be spread out throughout the area?  Will they be young kids who like the loud clashing of musical instruments or is it a more adult sophisticated crowd who like soft music and subtle lighting?

Knowing these and other critical details will help you plan your atmosphere and guide you through the development of the perfect atmosphere.

Once you have your base details you want to determine your equipment.  You will want to see what power options you will have available and what footprint you will have for these items.  Will you have enough room for free standing speakers or will it be suitable to hang them on the walls?  What about your lighting?  Will you have free standing lights or will you need smaller spotlights to get the atmosphere you are looking for?

sound lights and video stage production fresno ca

Finally what are your special effects?  Will you have smoke billowing on the ground or will you have strobe lights?  When it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for your event these are the foundational guidelines and ideas that you need to consider before hosting the perfect event.